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We actively listened to what children say they

want from their sporting experiences.

Overwhelmingly, what they want is more FUN!

And that’s exactly what we deliver.

Our 2-5 year program uses a unique Adventure Based Play methodology engages kids and delights parents through weekly themed ‘soccer adventures.’ We deliver high quality physical literacy and soccer programming, while capturing the imaginations of our little soccer heroes.

Our 5.5 year to Grade 3 program focuses on great skill development and positive, non-violent game play and is lead by international licensed youth expert Coach Charles.

We have a strong commitment to our families and especially the children. We look forward to delivering excellence, passion, and soccer awesomeness for years to come! 


“What you offer is very unique and has a remarkable effect on the children in terms of skill development, confidence, and creating a love of sport.  It is amazing thinking back to those early classes at 18mths to where she is today.  Truly a transformation.”

- K. Forsythe


All programs are held at  the Accurate Fieldhouse 7575 57 Street SE. 

We get to play in the comfort of Calgary's premier indoor grass facility.  The Accurate Fieldhouse features two FIFA certified artificial grass fields by Limonta of Italy (just like the Pros use in Europe).  



"I have never seen a program like this before! To keep young kids engaged and have their complete attention for an hour is amazing! Teaching kids to use their imagination while learning the sport is genius!" 


-  Sandra P,  parent

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