Covid-19 Safety

Safety First

Everyone's health and safety is important and we have taken the required steps to ensure you and your children experience a healthy and safe program.  It's a full-team effort for all of us:  the coaches, the facility, and the families.  We ask that you help us ensure we are complying with the new government guidelines for running programs like ours.  We really appreciate your help!

Program Delivery

We are totally committed to delivering an awesome, fun, and positive experience for your child (and you) and we're grateful that you're choosing to be part of our awesome programs.  

Our 'on-field' program is going to look and feel very similar to what you've come to expect from Soccer Heroes .

Children are not required to wear masks when on the field of play, though we respect your choice in this regard.

Coaches will not be providing our customary 'high fives' or other physical positive expressions of celebration.  We will, however, be using 'thumb's up', verbal praise, and positive feedback! Coaches and on field parents will be required to wear masks during on-field class participation. Coaches will be maintaining 6 feet physical distance at all times.


'Physical distancing' will not be required once children are on the field and engaged in the programming activities for the duration of the session.  (However, please respect the 'physical distancing' guidelines for the facility as posted.)

What to Expect on Day of Class

What to Bring


All children must come dressed to play, there is no onsite change room access. Everyone needs their own water bottle. Please do not bring personal soccer balls or toys to the field.

Class Times & Field Access

Classes for 2-5 years start on the hour and run for 45 minutes, finishing at quarter to the hour.  Please enter the field area no more than five minutes before the start of class. We are required to have all people from one class off the field of play before the next group can enter. Please do not enter the field if it is not your child's program time and leave the field area immediately after your class has finished.

Facility Guidelines

We are grateful that the Accurate Fieldhouse facility is open and we are able to have an amazing field on which to run our programs! Please follow all facilities safety and health guidelines including:  parking, entrance and exit, washrooms, boot shelves, field use and all posted signs.

For more information about the facility please view this webpage